Our staff are here to identify your needs and find a rental program that suits your requirements.

Remote Monitoring

Using the latest technology, our equipment is monitored for maintenance and security purposes. Further more we monitor our machines performance making sure you are getting the best that they can do.

Quality Control

Maintained on a regular basis, our rental machinery are up to the task that you require. With our dedicated parts and service departments, our machines re maintained to the highest standards using only genuine parts.

Eco In Mind

Fuel Efficiency and Hybrid technology give you the low cost performance you'd expect from the latest equipment, decreasing project times and maximizing profitability.

Finding the Right Equipment Hire Company is over.


With AGT Services, you are sure to find the right large scale construction equipment from Excavators to Crushers for your needs. 


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Financial Advantages

  • No requirement for bank finance. This is renting as opposed to purchasing, lowering you start-up costs.
  • Tax efficient being fully tax deductible.
  • No costly machine depreciation.
  • Transport and Insurance arranged if required.

Job Advantages

  • Accurate pricing for jobs so you can quickly get a quote to the customer.
  • Right machine for the job from a wide selection of machinery.
  • Flexible in time and location, your machine, where you want it .


  • No maintenance required or charged other than except daily maintenance and checks


  • Wide range of attachments and breakers available.
  • Timely - Get the right machine when you want it.

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